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Welcome to my little corner of the net !! On here you'll find a variety of content, art, blogposting, shrines, and just anything I like to ramble about !! You'll also find some stuff I don't often post on my social media X3 !!! Note, this site is for ALL of my content, not curated feeds like my social media stuffs that I make v specific :3 waf waf !!
This site is 16+ !! My blogs can be quite personal and vulgar so keep that in your mind and heart ^^

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30 Apr - Things are going good !?

A blog about me having a good time living rn !!! crazy I know XD

20 Apr - The death of individuality in an era of hyperindividuality

Small rant about my issues with copycats and people not wanting to put the effort in and code their own site :/

16 Apr - A loner's day out

A blog about what a day in the life from me looks like.

Status Updates

21:21 . 02/07/2024
current mood: Broken
There is something intrinsictly wrong with how I love, how I feel love, how I show love. I am incapable of loving normally or being loved normally.
12:21 . 02/05/2024
current mood: Stressed.
I feel so overwhelmed and overworkd X( I can handle this !!!! help meeee
10:32 . 01/05/2024
current mood: Excited but Sleepy XD
Happy Workers day !!!! I get the day off school but I still gotta grind out work (which is my fault for not finished fghj) and I'm gonna have tutors today !!! Gonna see cutie there :3 hehe
18:32 . 22/04/2024
00:39 . 21/04/2024
current mood: proud of myself !!!! I finally got some good work done on my IT java practical !! Gonna type it all up tmr
18:29 . 19/04/2024
aaaaa workout (bike ride) was so tiiiiiring :<<<< but i did it !! and my mom got us takeaways so now i can eat yummy pizza >w<
21:21 . 10/04/2024
I am unworthy of unconditional love
13:02 . 05/04/2024
current mood: good !!!!
Rode my bike for the first time in months, even if it was just around the block XD
13:25 . 04/04/2024
current mood: weird
I had a nightmare where my dad sexuality assaulted me...
12:24 . 03/04/2024
current mood: kinda shitty
Meeting up with my maths tutor today
19:57 . 24/03/2024
current mood: Pretty okay-ish
Mom's drunk again :/
16:01 . 20/03/2024
current mood: Decompressing from overstimulation, otherwise better than yesterday
Tummy Cramps still prevelant
19:11 . 17/03/2024
current mood: Really Shitty
Had tummy cramps all day, so I slept through most of it :((
23:26 . 14/03/2024
current mood: Feeling kind blehhh.
17:59 . 08/03/2024
current mood: Excited :D finally able to work on the site gain, but also frustrated cuz of this annoying etsy seller :(
14:09 . 02/03/2024
current mood: tired -_-

Website Updates

19:36 . 11/05/2024
I made my collections page and added the flag widget to my home page !!! I also rehauled my index page to make it look epic >:3 !!!!!!!!!!!
10:26 . 01/05/2024
Rehauled the about page !!! THinking of recoding the home page from scratch (but I should focus on FINISHING SHIT first)
08:26 . 20/04/2024
I made a lotta changes but didn't mention them oops. BUT I revamped the home page yesterday !!
22:13 . 22/03/2024
Changed up home page's look and added a blog post RSS feed :3
19:11 . 17/03/2024
Fixed issues on gallery page and added a way to sort by type
14:59 . 15/03/2024
changed main page to /home instead of just the index. Created the blog page
23:26 . 14/03/2024
fixed index
14:52 . 02/03/2024
Added site title and icon
14:09 . 02/03/2024
Had to remake the entire index page cuz I edited it accidentally aaa such a painnn

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